Show Route

With this option you may plan a trip, previously knowing the ideal routes for your trip, allowing the user to feel the confidence and comfort that Plaspy offers.

To view the complete route of a device, you will have to perform the following steps in the Left Panel:

1. Select the devices for which you want to see the route. In the following selection boxes, we can choose if we want to see the route for a specific device, or for all the devices.

2. Check the option Show Route, then a tab with the following options will be displayed.

3. Select the date ranges of the route you want to see. You will be able to see the routes of the last hour, and of the date that you prefer.

4. Press the Refresh button, so that the changes are visible on the map. 

Once these steps have been completed, you will see that a      Loading.... message will appear at the top of the map near the logo:

As you update the data and you can observe on the map all the route reported by the device during the time you have chosen. By clicking on any point on the map you will view detailed information about that position.

To see all the details of the positions, go to the Details button at the bottom right.

Pressing it will display a list with all the positions loaded on the map and more information, such as kilometers traveled, the time the device has been inactive and will show if it has any active alerts.

The Summarize option shows just the points where movement occurs, omitting the markers where there is no movement.

Additional icons on the map:

/ With this option we can see the relationship between the markers on the map.
This option is used to group the markers that are close to each other.
Shows all the markers on the map, if disabled only shows the last marker.

By means of the lower reproduction bar we can navigate through the dates and reproduce the route at different speeds.