Calculating Mileage

The vehicle travel is approximately and is calculated based on the positions sends the tracker, for example when the route is calculated is based on straight if a road has curves are not taken into account or if the vehicle travels a closed circle and returns to the original position for the system is a 0. to check the route as calculated can see examples of graphic where the real journey in blue and red vehicle calculated route based vehicle transmission points .

Blue the actual path of the vehicle
Red travel reported to Plaspy

Example 1 Example 2

To improve the location and route calculation is necessary to reduce the transmission time would be ideal to convey every millisecond to improve accuracy but as we know that's not possible the goal is to decrease as little as possible while maintaining the balance between your plan data, the device's battery and processor of your device. The more positions I sent more data consumption, battery consumes more and requires more processor.

Consider the impact on the plan data and the device battery.


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