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GlobalSat - TR-606

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TR-606 is a multi-functional and cost-efficient communication platform ideal for all AVL applications. It integrates high sensitivity GPS chipset and dual-band UMTS/HSDPA and quad-band GSM communication module with powerful microcontroller into a compact/ light weight size.

TR-606 is secured in a solid enclosure for simple installation without sweat and hassle. Nevertheless, not only it provides user with real time GPS location and accurate vehicle status all the time on server, but also it allows user to command vehicle remotely by one-click on computer. In a word, TR-606 accomplishes advanced implementation of convenient fleet management, enhanced vehicle safety, simultaneous emergency response, and merchandise/ package transportation, etc...Unlimited advantages are come out with TR-606 extensive applications.

ConfiguraciĆ³n TR-606

Country Operator APN User Password

To set DmTFxX you need to configure as follows. With the command below through text messages
Format used by DmTFxX tOKff5cDNhvbCc7GEHnpBX

Type the IMEI number
  1. Setup the tracker

Reboot the device F8zSu1bS1Lv4uMfdAHF0l93roF0DPP1qGWBKOobj

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