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Meitrack - VT-400

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VT400 is a GPS/GPRS based tracking device designed for heavy machinery equipment, construction machines and vehicles.
VT400 has inbuilt GPS module to obtain accurate position data and utilizes its GSM capability to send the position data to a specified mobile phone or server base for tracking and management.
VT400 is waterproof (IP66) and has 2 digital inputs, 7 analog inputs, 1 open circuit output and 1 relay output for different reports and applications.
VT400 has the following functions and features:

 SMS and GPRS TCP/UDP Communication (Meiligao Protocol)
 AGPS ( with GSM Base Station ID)
 Track on Demand
 Show Location Directly on Mobile Phone
 Track by Time Interval
 Track by Distance
 Mileage Report
 Inbuilt Motion Sensor for Power Saving
 Internal Memory for Logging
 Inbuilt Backup Battery
 SOS Panic Button
 Movement Alarm
 Geo-fencing Control
 Low battery Alarm
 Speeding Alarm
 GPS Blind Area Alarm (in/out)
 GPS Antenna Disconnection Alarm
 Power-cut Alarm
 Voltage Detection for External Power
 Engine Cut (Stop Engine)
 2 Digital Inputs (1 negative and 1 positive triggering)
 7 Analog Inputs
 1 OC Outputs
 1 Relay Output
 1 RS232 Output (Optional)
 Waterproof (IP66)

Configuración VT-400

Country Operator APN User Password

To set a Meitrack device on FMYaI5 are configured through text messages, it is necessary to confirm these commands with user manual, then you need to configure as follows.

With the following commands through several text messages: In the example it is assumed that the device password is 0000 which is the initial of the device and data APN from your operator.

The most common commands for these enabled devices are placed (You should consult your manual).

  1. Delete settings
  2. Set the server where we will pass the APN and its operator, Replace the values of our operator
  3. Establish the tracker time zone UTC-0
  4. How often we want to establish the position is sent every 1 minute
  5. Establish that automatically transmits each event

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