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Noran - NR200

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Default Main Features
  • 1.Wireless device, free installation
  • 2. 5000mAH battery, 30 days stand by
  • 3. Strong magnetic stick on metal
  • 4. Vehicle and asset real time location
  • 5. Geo-fence alarm
  • 6. Sleep mode save power
  • 7. History line check
  • 8. Audio Monitor
  • 9. GPS/LBS tracking, Double-Positioning
  • 10. real time location, track by SMS/web/android app

Real time location tracking:
Track asset and vehicle location on real time by SMS, PC website tracking system and android app

Strong Magnetic Cover: 
with the strong magnetic rear cover, the device can be stick on the container, vehicle bottom, easy hidden. Free installation

30 Days Long Life Battery:
5000mAH battery, 30days stand by time with sleep mode

Sleep mode:
Set sleep mode to save power, make it can use long time.

Geo fence alarm / drive area limit alarm:
Set up a Geo -fence for the GPS to monitor it`s movement area, the GPS will alarm when vehicle out of this area.

Over speed alarm:
Real time remote monitor driver behavior, send alarm information to manager when vehicle over speed. 

Audio monitoring:
You can call the GPS device and listen the vehicle inside voice when driver unknown. The GPS device not vibrate or ring.

Mileage statistics:
Calculate vehicle driving mileage in a period of time.

SMS tracking location:
Remote real time get vehicle location by SMS. Send an SMS to the GPS, it will reply a link with vehicle location and speed information.

History daily report:
Check the vehicle work information in whole day, the location in anytime, the speed, time, ACC condition, stop time, stop place etc.

Configuración NR200

Country Operator APN User Password

To set trPXg1 you need to configure as follows. With the following commands through several text messages: In the example it is assumed that the device password is GRN0sV which is the initial data from the device
you can get the device Id, sending the command to check the device status, the device Id is the first word normally starts with NR

  1. Set up our operator APN
  2. Establish the server where we will connect
  3. Switch to GPRS mode

To check settings buflM1WJebB
Device Id, APN, server, port, GPRS status (1), GPRS connection status (1), GSM signal (1-31)

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