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Zilogic - Fleet Pro

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Fleet Pro
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BlackKite-FleetPro is a robust and platform independent GPRS enabled vehicle telematics system. Its built-in accelerometer and OBD Interface eases, the monitoring and control of driving pattern and vehicle health.

Device Highlights


  • Built-in accelerometer for driving pattern monitoring.

  • E-Call & B-Call for emergency and breakdown alerts.

  • Optional OBD II Interface.

  • On-line & On-demand tracking via GPRS & SMS

  • Configurable data transmission interval, starting from 30 Sec,

  • Highly configurable TAG based parameter selection to reduce GPRS traffic

  • Configurable Device generated SMS alerts for IO state change

  • Configurable Over Speed alert with SMS alerts

  • Internal FLASH memory to store 24 hours of data during GPRS outage

  • Two level authentication for remote device access (admin & manager)

  • Faster GPS lock, with Assisted GPS.


  • Dual band GSM/GPRS for connectivity

  • High accuracy GPS for location sensing

  • Status LEDs useful for device installation and troubleshooting

  • Digital inputs to remotely monitor in-vehicle status like door lock, oil level indication and fair meter

  • Digital outputs to remotely control in-vehicle appliances like AC, vehicle audio and infotainment systems

  • Analog inputs to monitor parameters like fuel level, vehicle load, and temperature

  • Dedicated SOS & ignition inputs with device generated SMS alerts

  • Built-in battery for failsafe operation (~4 Hours)

  • Serial interface to connect external sensors or devices

ConfiguraciĆ³n Fleet Pro

Country Operator APN User Password

To set S3WwJC you need to configure as follows. With the following commands through several text messages

  1. Set the time zone UTC-0
    Le0 4O 380GRL
  2. Set up our operator APN
    1vP ADc a7UV5Koy1dd06Is6NN1Eyca5n
  3. Set server
    dnl rFEaob SxsTPA7gRBi1o954iC
  4. Switch to GPRS mode
    YWw znpw h
  5. set interval update
    J9o 7hYsbh DHvYD
  6. Save settings

To check settings

  • JJA qoE
  • d4Z fmfp
  • CQp xUPTlx
  • 6m3XUO

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