Aplicom - A1 MAX

The Aplicom A1 MAX is a powerful GPS tracker with inbuilt telematics functionality, specifically designed for fleet telematics and professional applications. It is ideal for situations where driver performance information and engine data are crucial, and it offers seamless connectivity with FMS/CAN and digital tachograph systems. With the A1 MAX, you can easily track and trace your vehicles, identify drivers, obtain accurate mileage information, manage power efficiently, handle internal and external events, and optimize data communications.

One standout feature of the Aplicom A1 MAX is its extensive range of connectivity options. It comes with a CAN interface for FMS, CAN ID, or ISOBUS software options, allowing you to integrate it seamlessly with your existing systems. Additionally, it offers three serial ports (2xRS232 and 1xRS485), 1-wire for status messaging and driver recognition, six digital inputs (four of which can be used as analog inputs and two as pulse counters), and two digital outputs. This level of connectivity ensures that you can gather and utilize all the necessary data for your fleet management needs.

The A1 MAX also boasts a highly reliable two-processor architecture, ensuring smooth operation and the ability to expand features. It supports GPS/GLONASS positioning with A-GPS and Cell ID positioning, providing accurate and reliable location information. The device is equipped with GSM and GPS/GLONASS antennas for seamless communication. Additionally, it features a 3D accelerometer for acceleration measurement, movement detection, and wake-up functionality.

With its expandable unit features and available software options, the Aplicom A1 MAX offers flexibility and future-proofing. You can easily update and expand its capabilities using the Aplicom device OTA update service. The device is also Java programmable, allowing for further customization and integration with your specific requirements. Geofence support is another notable feature, with the ability to define geofences in different shapes (circle, box, polygon) and receive geofence in/out reporting.

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