FAQ General

What is Plaspy?

Is a satellite tracking service, we can locate persons, vehicles, pets and assets.

Plaspy does work in all cellular phones?

Works in most cell phones, Android, Windows Phone, iPhones and iPads. more information on Phones section.

Can install Plaspy to track a PC?

No, Plaspy is only for track cell phones, tablets or trackers.

Can Install Plaspy on vehicle?

You can install a tracker on your vehicle for more info Trackers section.

Plaspy does work everywhere?

Plaspy works where there is GPS signal.

Plaspy only does work in movement?

Many devices work continuously, but some devices only work in movement. for more information check your device's handbook, for cell phones.

What are the requirements to install Plaspy on my cell phone?

A cell phone with Android, iPhone, iPad or Windows Phone.

What is the phone's IMEI?

Is the unique Id assigned by the manufacturer to device.

I don't know the phone's IMEI

You can get the IMEI, dialing *#06#.

What is the margin error in Location Plaspy?

The error margin is about 5 meters until 100 meters, but this margin can be more or less depending on the quality of hardware and signal strength.

What is the interval update of location on Plaspy?

The user can choose the update interval, the default setting the phones update every 10 minutes, in trackers you can check the user manual.

Plaspy does works with off devices?

No, the devices need be on.

Plaspy works indoors?

The GPS signal does not work indoors, but many devices use the Network signal to locate.

Plaspy works without network signal?

The phone App stores the location when the phone go back to online send the location to Plaspy's servers. Many trackers come built in with the same functionality.

Can I spy a person?

No. Plaspy only must install on our phones or by agrement with the parties. for more information terms of service.

All trackers are compatible?

Every day we work to add new devices. You can check Trackers. If your device does not on list you can Contact Us to check availability.

What is the IP's of Plaspy server to setup the trackers?

The server's name is d.plaspy.com or the connection port is 8888. for more information Trackers.

Plaspy does work with any operator mobile?

Yes, Plaspy works.

Do I have to sign a contract?

No. You can pay as you go.

How many time Plaspy stores the location information?

Until 1 year ago.

I don't know how install Plaspy, where I can get help?

You can contact us or chat online with us

How many users can access to my Plaspy's account?

You can authorize a number of users equals to devices in your account.

With is the best data plan to use with Plaspy?

For cell phones you need minimum 50Mb for 5 minutes interval. For trackers you need 15Mb for 1 minutes interval approximately. This information is approximately and can be different on your device, for more information check the user manual.

"Do not track" option, what do it do?

This option is for cell phones and tablets, and makes the App does not send location's update. You can access to your Plaspy's account without track your cell phone.

Do I have to pay for devices "do not track"?

No, you can have many devices in "do not track" mode but this does not generate charge.

The trackers time zone must be local?

No. the trackers must be set in UTC or GMT.