FAQ Customization

Can I cutomize my account's logo?

Yes, you can change the account's logo in Settings.

Can I change the logout page?

Yes, You can change the logout Page in Settings.

How many users can I have in my account?

You can add the same number the devices i.e. if you have 5 devices, you can create 4 users account and your account.

Which is the user's privileges in my account?

You can grant privileges for each user, the privileges can be administrator or read only users. You can limit the devices access.

The users that I created, do have access to all devices?

You can grant privileges to access to all devices or only the devices in a group.

My users can change the password?

Yes, the users can change the password and you can reset it.

Can I put the Plaspy's Log on my webpage?

Yes, you can insert, check a example on example.

Can I embed the map on my webpage?

Yes, to embed the Plaspy's map you need follow the instructions Help.

I want make integration with Plaspy in my custom app.

You can integrate your application with Plaspy, check the developers FAQ.