Save time and money in the monitoring and control of your assets

This is your opportunity to start monitoring and controlling your assets from the comfort of any device with Internet access.
Plaspy It is a self-management platform that guarantees stability of 99.95% of its services. Become an expert monitoring your assets through devices with GPS, GLONASS, GALILEO technology.
Save time and money by taking advantage of the multiple benefits that Plaspy offers you at a very low cost.

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Feature List

Monthly price $0.99 USD / Device*

No contracts and no upfront costs
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Take control of your assets in motion instantly, with online information

Because for you it is important to know in real time where your most precious assets are. We understand that you need information instantly, we guarantee access to it from the first day and up to 365 days of history.
Our tours have sensitive and important information for the generation of reports, statistics, decision making, adjustments in the operation, among others.

Easy to use

Everything in the same window, intuitive interface and easy to use

Real time location

Automatic update of the location on the map of the moving fleet


Observe, control, review and reproduce the routes of your vehicles


Notification of events and alerts by mail, Push, SMS, WhatsApp and Telegram

Approximate Street view

Check the approximate location of the device through Google StreetView® photos.

Rastreo en tiempo real
tracker sensors

Check the status of the tracker sensors like speed, ignition, temperature, fuel, RPM, etc.


Send orders and instructions directly to your tracking device by GPRS or SMS, Example the remote shutdown of the vehicle


Consult your information for up to 365 days online or download it in XLS (Microsoft Excel) or KML (Google Earth) format

Manage your account

Manage your account, create users, groups and access profiles to your devices


Customize your account image, white label available according to your Plaspy profile

Support wherever you are

At Plaspy, we want you to achieve your goals; Our support is designed to give you the right mix of tools and access to specialist knowledge so you can achieve your goals with Plaspy while optimizing performance, managing risk and keeping costs under control.

Online chat

Receive direct chat support during business hours
(Bogotá, Colombia, UTC-5).

Receive support via chat
Telephone contact

Solve your doubts with one of our agents by phone.

Make call
Support conference

Schedule a teleconference to resolve your doubts with specialized personnel.4

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Online contact

Receive support messages directly to your email.

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Online help

Consult your doubts in our online documentation.

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Conferencia de soporte


Discover how easy it is with Plaspy, to have the information in seconds. Because we understand that accessing it in an instant means making the most of time in decision-making. We have detailed management reports and indexes that you can save, send by mail. Find reports according to the characteristics of the tracking device such as:


Observe, control, review and reproduce the routes of your vehicles.2

Activity summary

Quickly manage the information of the daily activity of your device.


Check detailed information on mileage, fuel, temperatures, sensors, alerts, etc.

Driving habits

Analyze and download reports of your vehicles.2

Receive important notifications

Learn how simple it is to create alerts in Plaspy, you can create the ones you need, conditioned, combined, etc. The alerts can be notified by Email to one or several email addresses, receive Push notifications through the mobile application: Also by SMS to authorized numbers or simply keep the statistics of the events, that's up to you.

Email notifications

Get messages delivered to your preferred email inbox.

SMS notifications

Receive alerts to a phone number.

Push Notifications

Receive notifications on your mobile phone, through the application.


Receive notifications from your devices directly in your WhatsApp application.


Create your own custom Bot, receive notifications from your devices in your Telegram app

Notificaciones por WhatsApp
Notificaciones por Telegram
Notificaciones Push Notificaciones por SMS
Notificaciones por correo

Mobile app

Download the Plaspy mobile app directly from your device's app store. Available for Android and iOS.
Take complete control of your information from anywhere, in the comfort of your mobile. Consult current location, routes, reports, send commands, statistics, manage, configure, etc.
Plaspy has the option, according to the characteristics of the cellular device manufacturer, to directly track and monitor the phones, highly recommended in the sales force, applies terms and conditions of the device's operating system and Plaspy.


Available on Android and iOS.

Location storage when there is no network signal

Location by telephone antennas when there is no GPS signal

Customizable scan interval4

Automatically start when the phone is turned on 4

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Currently Plaspy is compatible with more than 200 device references, more than 50 tracker brands. We have information and basic configuration help available exclusively for our active users.
We frequently work on updating information on new and current references; according to the manufacturer's public information, in addition to the contribution that many of our users make to the Plaspy community. We invite you to know the list of devices compatible with Plaspy in devices

Tracker protocol auto detection

Update interval from 20 seconds2

Sensor status, SOS, engine diagnostics, fuel, temperature, RPM2

We can add new tracker protocols


White label, the best way to transmit your brand4

Because we know how important it is to recognize your company in the market Plaspy gives you the opportunity to customize the platform at no additional cost, after 100 active licenses or devices. It is our only agreement with users who want to expand or gain recognition of their brand in the market.
The cost and time of customization is on your own, so you have the opportunity to choose your best options, without being forced to hire or assume a high cost for your management.
In white label you can customize several display options.


Use the corporate subdomain of your company, to redirect and give credibility to your customers.


Visually customize your platform with colors, fonts, images, sizes and shapes used on your main website.

Login page

Provide a suitable and personalized style to your login page.


It includes different style maps like: Google Map, Mapbox, Bing Map, Yandex Maps and Apple Map.


Modify and change the style of the email templates that reach your customers to your liking.

Total administration, for you and your users

Maintaining control and confidentiality of your processes is very important to fulfill the objective of using Plaspy. Being a self-management platform, it is designed so that you can control who, how and what each user does in your account.
Create sub-user profiles, groups, temporary access with limited permissions at the time of creation on the platform , without depending on third parties.
You are autonomous to create, edit, delete or add privileges and/or restrictions.
Your privacy and control of the people who access your account are protected by certificates and policy security standards from Internet.


Create users and allow them to see specific data that you want.

Temporary accesses

Provides temporary access to the platform for a certain time.


Group and organize your devices.

Accesos temporales

An always connected network

APIs are a fundamental part when connecting with other web services. With Plaspy you have the privilege of using them at no additional cost. Find always available in settings from the 1st device.


Generate and link your API to your platforms.

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Your subscription, including a 1 month free offer, will begin when you confirm the subscription during the registration process. Simply cancel anytime during your 1 month free, and you will not be charged. To cancel, click on "My Account" and follow the simple cancellation instructions. No refunds or credits for partial months. If you are enjoying Plaspy, do nothing and your subscription will automatically continue at the monthly subscription rate. This 1 month free offer is available to new and certain former members of the Plaspy service and cannot be combined with any other offer. See Terms of Use for subscription details.


All devices send location, speed and course, the additional information like sensor, fuel, temperature, etc. depends on device, for more information contact the device provider.


Some phone brands have a limitations, for more informatión visit Cell Phones.


This feature requires at least 100 devices in account.