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Satellite Tracking

Price per month (yearly payment) $0.891 USD / Device
Price per month (monthly payment) $0.99 USD / Device
Web-based tracking, mapping & reporting. 24x7 unlimited tracking
Track from your PC, Tablet or cell phone
Location, speed, bearing, course, battery, fuel, temperature, RPMs2
Location history up to 1 year
Download data in XLS format (Microsoft Excel) or KML (Google Earth)
Real time location embedded in your website3
Alerts: allowed and forbidden zones, speed, no movement, SOS, sensors, etc.2
Notifications by email
Sub-accounts with master account
Share access without password
Pay as you go, no contract
Online support
Alerts history up to 1 year
Last picture until 1 hour2


Header Image
CSS styles, color, fonts, sizes, shapes, etc.5
Manage Chat5
Manage Contact Us5
HTML template on Login Page5

Cell Phone App

Available on Android, iOS and Windows Phone
Cache GPS data when GSM no signal
location by Cell tower when no GPS signal (indoors)
Customizable sending location interval 4
Auto start App, starts on phone boot


Auto detect protocol
Wide list trackers compatible (+200).
Sensors, SOS, fuel, temperature, RPMs, engine diagnostic data, etc.2
Interval update until 20 seconds2


Notifications by email
Allowed and forbidden zones
Speed, no movement, sensors, fuel, temperature, RPM, shaking, etc.2
Unplug device, no signal GPS, GPS power off, SOS.
Mileage, Dates (insurance, maintenance, etc.)
Conditional alerts (activate when many conditions fulfilled).


Reports of Location, mileage, address, zone, no movement time, speed, fuel.2
Statistics of mileage, fuel, alerts.2


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Satellite Tracking

  • Month $0.99 USD
  •  Pay as you go
  • Year $10.69 USD
  •  Save $1.19 USD (10.00%)
  • Devices
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  • 1 Year term 20%
  • More than 51 devices 5%
  • More than 101 devices 20%
  • More than 201 devices 25%
  • More than 501 devices 30%
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