Aplicom - A9 PRO

The Aplicom A9 PRO telematics unit is a compact and powerful device designed for a wide range of telematics and telemetry applications. With its 4G LTE connectivity, this unit provides fast and reliable communication for real-time tracking and monitoring. One of the standout features of the A9 PRO is its improved performance, which allows for faster data processing and more efficient operation. It also offers additional inputs and outputs, giving users more flexibility in connecting external devices and sensors. The enhanced CAN interface enables seamless integration with vehicle systems, while the enhanced GNSS receiver ensures accurate and reliable positioning data. Getting started with the A9 PRO is incredibly easy, thanks to the user-friendly Aplicom A-Series l software. With the REST API provided by Aplicom Data Service (ADS), users can quickly create and integrate solutions for the unit without the need for programming. And if your application requires custom-built functionality, Aplicom offers professional support to meet your specific requirements. The A9 PRO comes equipped with an internal communication module, GNSS positioning module, real-time clock, accelerometer, and both internal and external antennas. It offers a range of data interfaces, including CAN bus, serial port, multi-purpose inputs, OC/digital output, and multi-functional input/output. The unit also features a Micro USB interface on the PCB for developers, allowing for easy customization and integration. With Aplicom's Over-the-Air management tools, users can remotely manage device software and configurations, making it convenient and efficient to update and maintain the A9 PRO. Whether you need a reliable tracking solution for fleet management, asset tracking, or any other telematics application, the Aplicom A9 PRO is a powerful and versatile choice.

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