Aplicom - T10 G

The Aplicom T10 G is a rugged and reliable GPS tracker designed for 4G networks. With its simple and compact design, it is perfect for a wide range of applications. The T10 G features an IP67 rated enclosure, making it weather resistant and suitable for use in harsh environments.

One of the standout features of the T10 G is its global 4G roaming capacity, allowing you to track your assets anywhere in the world. It also supports 2G fallback, ensuring seamless connectivity even in remote areas. With its plug-and-play operation philosophy and device management capabilities, you can start receiving important data right away.

The T10 G utilizes 4G LTE Cat M1 for cellular connectivity, making it compatible with future 5G networks. It also boasts a battery-free design, eliminating the need for battery chemicals and ensuring safe and easy recycling. The power supply is 8-32VDC, with low power consumption in operational and power down modes.

Other notable features of the Aplicom T10 G include high-precision GPS tracking, assisted A-GPS for improved accuracy, a real-time clock with wake-up functionality, CAN bus interface for vehicle network integration, accelerometer for movement detection, and digital inputs for additional functionality.

Key Features:

  • Rugged and weather resistant with IP67 rated enclosure
  • Global 4G roaming capacity with 2G fallback
  • Battery-free design for safe and easy recycling
  • High-precision GPS tracking
  • Assisted A-GPS for improved accuracy
  • Real-time clock with wake-up functionality
  • CAN bus interface for vehicle network integration
  • Accelerometer for movement detection
  • Digital inputs for additional functionality
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