AutoFon - α-Маяк

The AutoFon α-Маяк is an independent GPS tracker designed to accurately determine the location of an object and transmit its coordinates via the GSM network. This compact device is built on a new hardware platform v.7, which has reduced its size, extended battery life, and simplified setup and operation. The AutoFon α-Маяк comes pre-configured for automatic operation, eliminating the need for constant monitoring by the owner for up to 3 years on a single set of batteries.

One of the main advantages of the AutoFon α-Маяк is its miniature size, comparable to that of a matchbox. Despite its small form factor, it is equipped with a combined GLONASS + GPS navigation module with high sensitivity for accurate location determination. The device also features a built-in SOS button for forced activation and switching between modes of operation. Additionally, it offers the flexibility to adjust the frequency and time of communication via the Personal Cabinet, allowing users to customize their tracking preferences.

The AutoFon α-Маяк is compatible with the free telematics server "KSA AvtoFon," which can be accessed through any web browser or mobile applications for Android, iPhone, and iPad. Users can configure and view information about the current and past locations of their tracked objects on different maps within the Personal Area. The device also includes a leather holster for easy mounting on a belt or collar. With its stable performance over a wide temperature range and the use of a dedicated battery pack, the AutoFon α-Маяк is a reliable GPS tracker suitable for various tracking applications.

Key Features:

  • Miniature size (comparable to a matchbox)
  • Automatic operation for up to 3 years on a single set of batteries
  • Pre-configured with a built-in simchip for the entire life of the device
  • Configurable and viewable location information on different maps
  • GLONASS + GPS navigation module with high sensitivity
  • Leather holster for easy mounting
  • Built-in SOS button for forced activation and mode switching
  • Remote firmware upgrade and factory reset
  • Free home service DC "AvtoFon-Response" for theft or stolen property cases
  • Stable performance over a wide temperature range
  • Full access to advanced settings and direct control
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