AutoFon - Альфа-Маяк

The AutoFon Alfa-Mayak is an autonomous search device designed to accurately determine the location of an object and transmit its coordinates to the owner via the GSM network. This compact device is built on the v.7 hardware platform, which not only reduces its size but also extends its battery life and simplifies setup and operation. With its automatic mode, the Alfa-Mayak can operate for up to 3 years on a single set of batteries, making it incredibly convenient for long-term tracking.

One of the standout features of the AutoFon Alfa-Mayak is its miniature size, comparable to that of a matchbox. This compact design allows for discreet placement in various objects, such as cars, motorcycles, boats, and even valuable cargo or containers. Additionally, it can be used for tracking and locating people, children, and animals, providing peace of mind for concerned parents or pet owners. The device can also serve as a security measure for remote stationary objects like garages or cottages, thanks to its ability to transmit location information and even listen to the room it is installed in.

With its combined GLONASS+GPS navigation module, the Alfa-Mayak offers increased sensitivity for accurate coordinate determination. It also features a built-in SOS microbutton for forced activation and switching between operating modes, ensuring the safety and control of the device. The device can be easily configured and monitored through the Personal Account of the free telematics server "AutoFon KSA" via GPRS or SMS commands. The AutoFon Alfa-Mayak is a reliable and versatile GPS tracker that provides precise location information and peace of mind for various tracking and security needs.

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