AutoFon - Альфа-Маяк 2XL

The AutoFon Alfa-Mayak 2XL is an autonomous search device designed to accurately determine the location of a protected object using GLONASS/GPS satellites. It utilizes the GSM network to transmit the object's coordinates to the owner. This device is built on the new hardware platform v.7, which has resulted in a smaller size, longer battery life, and simplified setup and operation.

One of the standout features of the AutoFon Alfa-Mayak 2XL is its compact and sealed case, with a dust and moisture protection rating of IP67. This means it is waterproof for short-term immersion up to a depth of 1 meter. Additionally, it operates in automatic mode, eliminating the need for constant owner control, and can last up to 6 years on a single set of batteries. The device comes with a prepaid balance for the built-in simchip for its entire service life.

With the AutoFon Alfa-Mayak 2XL, users can easily set up and view information about current and past location points on various maps through the free telematics server "AutoFon KSA". This can be accessed via any web browser or through mobile applications for Android, iPhone, and iPad. The device also offers flexible configuration options for communication frequency and time through the user's Personal Account.

In terms of navigation, the AutoFon Alfa-Mayak 2XL features a combined GLONASS+GPS module with increased sensitivity for accurate coordinate determination. It also includes a built-in microbutton for forced activation and switching between operating modes. The device supports remote firmware updates via GPRS and can be reset to factory settings if needed.

For added peace of mind, the AutoFon Alfa-Mayak 2XL comes with free round-the-clock service from the AutoFon-Response DC. This service is available to assist owners in cases of theft or property loss for the entire duration of the device's operation. The device is designed to operate reliably in a wide temperature range from -35 to +80 degrees, thanks to its specialized battery pack. Additionally, users have the option to switch the device to full access mode for advanced settings and direct control.

The AutoFon Alfa-Mayak 2XL is a versatile device that can be discreetly placed in various objects such as cars, motorcycles, boats, and valuable cargo. It can also be used to track and locate people, children, and animals. Furthermore, it can serve as a security measure for stationary remote objects like garages, cottages, and shopping pavilions. The built-in microphone allows for remote listening to the room where the device is installed, making it a comprehensive solution for various tracking and security needs.

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