AutoFon - Микро-Маяк

The AutoFon Micro-Mayak is a satellite search system designed for control and monitoring of moving objects. It utilizes GLONASS/GPS navigation satellites to determine the exact location of a protected object. In cases where precise GPS coordinates are not available, it can use backup location systems based on cellular network data (LBS location). The device is compact and built on the v.9 hardware platform, offering unique functionality and a simplified setup process. It comes pre-configured for standard operation and is registered on the free telematics server AutoFon KSA.

The AutoFon Micro-Mayak offers a range of outstanding features. Its ultra-compact dimensions make it easy to conceal, and its IP64 dust- and splash-proof housing ensures durability. The built-in backup lithium-polymer battery with automatic recharging allows for connection to circuits with periodically missing voltage. It can determine the location based on data from GSM network base stations in conditions where precise GPS coordinates are not available. The device has a tracking mode for monitoring all movements of a protected object, automatically switching to sleep mode when external power is turned off or there is no movement. It can operate in sleep mode for up to 90 days without recharging the battery. The device is equipped with a 3D accelerometer for detecting movement, parking, and anti-tow functions. It also has a "black box" for storing unsent data in case of loss of connection with the server.

The AutoFon Micro-Mayak is suitable for various applications, including car rental services, car sharing, taxi services, electric scooter rentals, network equipment protection, and theft prevention for passenger cars, motorcycles, ATVs, and other ATV equipment. Its combination of technical characteristics and flexible operating modes make it an effective solution for monitoring the location of protected mobile objects and finding them in the event of unauthorized movement or theft. With its compact size, long battery life, and advanced features, the AutoFon Micro-Mayak is a reliable choice for ensuring the security of your valuable assets.

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