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The AutoFon Omega Mayak device is a powerful GPS tracker designed to accurately determine the location of a protected object. It utilizes both GLONASS and GPS satellite systems to provide precise location data. In addition, it can also determine the approximate location using data from cellular network base stations. The device transfers the coordinates of the protected object and recorded events via 2G GSM networks, either through the GPRS protocol to a monitoring server or through SMS messages to selected phone numbers.

Equipped with an acceleration sensor, the AutoFon Omega Mayak can monitor movement and detect shocks. It also features a Bluetooth BLE module for checking the presence of the owner's smartphone near the device and for precise location tracking on the ground. Configuration of the device can be done conveniently through its Micro USB connector, allowing for easy setup from a computer.

The AutoFon Omega Mayak has a wide range of applications. It can be used for anti-theft protection and detection of stolen vehicles. It is also ideal for monitoring the movements of valuable cargo and locating them in case of loss. Additionally, it is suitable for monitoring personal, official, and special vehicles. The device can also be used to determine the location of stolen motorcycles, ATVs, scooters, bicycles, and other movable equipment. Furthermore, it is useful for monitoring children, elderly individuals, and sick people in need of care. Lastly, it can be utilized for tracking the location of domestic animals and cattle.

With its compact size and long battery life, the AutoFon Omega Mayak+ is a discreet and reliable GPS tracker. It is designed to accurately determine the location of the object in which it is installed and transmit its coordinates to the owner. The device utilizes the GSM network to send location updates via text messages (SMS) and/or to a selected monitoring server through the GPRS protocol.

Thanks to its small size and long battery life, the AutoFon Mega-Mayak+ can be discreetly placed in various objects that require monitoring, such as cars, motorcycles, boats, and other valuable assets. It is also suitable for tracking valuable cargo and containers. Additionally, it can be used to monitor and locate people, children, and animals. The device can even be used to protect stationary remote objects like garages, cottages, and shopping pavilions. With its built-in microphone, the device can also be used for remote listening in any installed room.

The AutoFon Mega-Mayak+ is equipped with a digital accelerometer, allowing it to detect movement and monitor for impacts and overturns. It can send SMS messages to the owner to notify them of such events, along with the coordinates of the occurrence. The device also features a crash sensor mode, which sends an SMS message in the event of strong accelerations and impacts, providing the owner with the exact location of the incident.

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