AutoFon - Омега-Маяк+

The AutoFon Omega Mayak+ is a versatile GPS tracker designed to accurately determine the location of a protected object using GLONASS/GPS satellite systems. It can also provide approximate location data using cellular network base stations. The device transfers coordinates and recorded events via 2G GSM networks, either through the GPRS protocol to a monitoring server or via SMS messages to selected phone numbers. With its built-in acceleration sensor, the Omega Mayak+ can monitor movement and detect shocks, ensuring comprehensive security for your valuable assets.

This GPS tracker is equipped with a Bluetooth BLE module, allowing you to check the presence of the owner's smartphone near the device and accurately locate it on the ground. It also features a Micro USB connector for easy configuration from a computer and charging the built-in lithium-polymer battery. The AutoFon Omega Mayak+ can be used for various purposes, including anti-theft protection for vehicles, monitoring valuable cargo, tracking personal and official vehicles, locating stolen motorcycles and other movable equipment, monitoring children and elderly individuals, controlling the location of domestic animals and cattle, and even creating a wearable panic button for personal safety.

With its compact size and long battery life, the AutoFon Omega Mayak+ can be discreetly installed in cars, motorcycles, boats, and other important objects that require constant monitoring. It is also suitable for tracking valuable cargo, containers, and even people, children, and animals. Additionally, the device can be used to protect stationary remote objects such as garages, cottages, and shopping pavilions, thanks to its built-in microphone that allows for remote listening. The Omega Mayak+ is equipped with a digital accelerometer, enabling it to detect movement, flips, impacts, and send SMS notifications to the owner. It can even activate a crash sensor mode to alert you of significant accelerations and impacts, providing you with the precise coordinates of the event location.

Outstanding Features:

  • Accurate location determination using GLONASS/GPS satellite systems
  • Approximate location using cellular network base stations
  • Transfer of coordinates and recorded events via 2G GSM networks
  • Bluetooth BLE module for smartphone presence detection and precise location
  • Micro USB connector for easy configuration and battery charging
  • Acceleration sensor for movement and shock monitoring
  • Built-in microphone for remote listening
  • Anti-theft protection for vehicles
  • Monitoring of valuable cargo and personal assets
  • Tracking of children, elderly individuals, and animals
  • Creation of a wearable panic button
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