AutoFon - DX Маяк

The "AutoFon DX Mayak" device is a versatile GPS tracker designed to accurately determine the location of a protected object using GLONASS/GPS satellite systems. It can also provide approximate location data using cellular network base stations. The device transfers coordinates and recorded events via 2G GSM networks, either through the GPRS protocol to a monitoring server or via SMS messages to selected phone numbers. With its built-in acceleration sensor, the AutoFon DX Mayak can monitor movement and detect shocks, making it ideal for anti-theft protection and tracking stolen vehicles. It is also suitable for monitoring valuable cargo, personal and official vehicles, motorcycles, ATVs, bicycles, and even for tracking the location of children, elderly individuals, and domestic animals.

The AutoFon DX Mayak consists of a GSM/GPRS modem, GLONASS/GPS receiver, programmable microprocessor, and a battery-powered source. Its compact size and long battery life allow for discreet installation in hard-to-detect locations. The device can be configured and controlled remotely through a personal account on the monitoring server or by sending SMS commands to the device's mobile number. It provides accurate coordinates, speed, and direction of movement, along with other information such as battery life, temperature, and signal strength. In situations where satellite signals are unavailable or deliberately jammed, the device can still determine the approximate location using GSM network base stations.

The AutoFon DX Mayak offers two main operating modes: continuous online and interval sleep. In continuous online mode, the device remains connected and ready to receive commands at any time, but this mode consumes more battery power. The maximum battery life in continuous online mode is up to 5 days, which reduces to 1 day if accurate GLONASS/GPS coordinates are constantly determined. In interval sleep mode, most modules of the device are turned off, allowing it to operate autonomously for up to 3 years on built-in batteries if it communicates once a day. The device also features a digital accelerometer for recording movements and impacts, allowing for customizable notifications for various events.

One unique feature of the AutoFon DX Mayak is its Bluetooth BLE module, which enables two functions. The first function allows the owner's smartphone to be used as a presence tag, triggering an alarm only when the smartphone is not nearby. The second function is BLE direction finding, which helps locate the device using any smartphone with the AutoFon BLE application. The device also includes a non-volatile black box memory for storing unsent GPRS packets, an energy consumption meter for estimating battery capacity, and the option to duplicate messages to an email or send selected notifications via SMS.

Outstanding Features:

  • Accurate location tracking using GLONASS/GPS satellite systems
  • Approximate location determination using cellular network base stations
  • Transfer of coordinates and events via 2G GSM networks
  • Built-in acceleration sensor for monitoring movement and shocks
  • Bluetooth BLE module for smartphone presence detection and direction finding
  • Compact size and discreet installation
  • Continuous online and interval sleep operating modes
  • Customizable notifications for various events
  • Non-volatile black box memory for storing unsent data
  • Energy consumption meter for estimating battery capacity
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