AutoFon - SE+ Маяк

The AvtoFon SE+ Mayak device is a compact and versatile GPS tracker designed to accurately determine the location of an object and transmit its coordinates to the owner via the GSM network. It can send location updates through text messages (SMS) or to a selected monitoring server using the GPRS protocol. Built on the v.6.x hardware platform, the AutoFon SE+ Mayak offers expanded functionality and improved performance.

With its small dimensions, the AutoFon SE+ Mayak can be discreetly installed in various objects such as cars, motorcycles, boats, and valuable cargo. It can also be used to track and locate people, children, and animals. Additionally, it can be utilized for the protection of stationary remote objects like garages, cottages, and shopping pavilions. The device even features a built-in microphone, allowing users to listen to the room where it is installed from any distance.

The AutoFon SE+ Mayak offers a range of outstanding features, including a combined GLONASS+GPS navigation module for increased location accuracy. It also includes sensors for detecting movement, impacts, and accidents, with adjustable sensitivity and reactivation intervals. The device supports remote firmware updates via GPRS and comes with an external power supply and expansion module. Furthermore, it has a black box capable of storing up to 98,000 GPRS packets.

For added convenience, the AutoFon SE+ Mayak offers an economical tariff option called "60 for 45," which provides 60 MB of GPRS traffic and 60 outgoing SMS messages for only 45 rubles per month. It also has a built-in SOS micro-button for sending emergency signals. The device's universal additional channel allows for remote control of external devices, such as engine blocking, auto start activation, sirens, and preheaters. With its digital accelerometer, the AutoFon SE+ Mayak can detect movement, monitor impacts, and send SMS notifications with the coordinates of the event.

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