BCE - FM-500 Light

The BCE FM-500 Light is a versatile GPS tracker designed for object tracking. With GPS/GLONASS and GSM connectivity, this device can accurately acquire information on an object's location, speed, direction, and more, and transfer the data via the GSM network. It is equipped with digital and analog inputs, as well as a 1-Wire interface, allowing for the connection of various external sensors and devices. Additionally, the outputs of the device can be used to remotely control external equipment. The FM-500 Light offers flexible configuration options, allowing users and dealers to customize the device to meet their specific tracking requirements.

With a compact design measuring 26x80x55 mm and weighing only 62 g, the FM-500 Light is highly portable and easy to install. It operates on a wide power supply range of 8-36V and is protected from impulses up to 120V, ensuring reliable performance in various environments. The device also features an internal battery with a capacity of 700 mAh (optional), providing backup power in case of a power cut-off. It has a generous internal memory of 4 MB, capable of storing up to 150,000 entries in its event log.

Notable features of the BCE FM-500 Light include an accelerometer (LIS3DH) for motion detection, an internal odometer for tracking distance traveled, and a GSM/GPRS class 10 module for efficient data transmission. It is equipped with an internal GSM antenna and an external GPS/GLONASS antenna for optimal signal reception. The device has a high sensitivity of -162 dBm, ensuring accurate and reliable GPS/GLONASS positioning. It supports A-GPS for faster acquisition times, with cold starts taking less than 30 seconds and hot starts taking just 1 second. Additionally, the FM-500 Light is capable of detecting GSM jamming, providing an added layer of security.

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