Box - Box Tracker

The BOX Tracker is a compact and powerful vehicle tracking device designed specifically for third-party system integrators. Despite its small size, this tracker offers all the features you need to seamlessly integrate it into your existing systems with minimal effort. One of the standout features of the BOX Tracker is its ability to log vehicle movements using the latest GPS technology. It excels in areas and enclosed spaces where other trackers may struggle to work. Thanks to its fast satellite lock, the start location is always accurate, ensuring reliable tracking data. In terms of technical specifications, the BOX Tracker operates on a full quadband GSM band and supports communication via GSM, GPRS, TCP, and UDP. It also features a backup battery and internal memory for uninterrupted tracking and data storage. With two digital inputs and one analog input, this tracker offers flexibility for various applications. The GPS and GSM antennas ensure strong signal reception, and the durable plastic casing provides protection in different environments. Whether you're in the track and trace, vehicle recovery, or fleet management industry, the BOX Tracker is a reliable and efficient solution for your tracking needs. Its compact size, advanced GPS technology, and seamless integration capabilities make it an ideal choice for system integrators. Trust in the BOX Tracker to provide accurate and real-time vehicle tracking data for your business.

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