The CAREU EZ1 LTE is a small and compact GPS Automatic Vehicle Location (AVL) tracker that offers all the essential features for vehicle tracking and fleet management. With its cost-effective design and easy installation, the EZ1 is a reliable and efficient tracking device. It is suitable for a variety of industries including logistics, delivery, utility services, car rental, and vehicle financing. The EZ1 comes in two versions, the most advanced being the LTE Cat 1 with 3G/2G fallback network, and the second version being the 2G version with Bluetooth 3.0 for calls and similar specifications as the LTE version.

One of the standout features of the CAREU EZ1 is its small and compact size, allowing it to fit in tight places within a vehicle. This makes it ideal for discreet installation. Additionally, the EZ1 offers global band LTE/3G/2G connectivity, ensuring worldwide use and compatibility. The inclusion of Bluetooth 3.0 allows for two-way voice communication and configuration, making it convenient for drivers and fleet managers. The EZ1 also supports GPS/Glonass satellite systems, providing accurate and reliable location tracking. With its built-in 3-axis accelerometer, the EZ1 can detect harsh acceleration, harsh braking, and impacts, providing valuable data for fleet management and driver behavior analysis.

The CAREU EZ1 also offers a range of additional features and optional accessories to enhance its functionality. These include support for 1-Wire® for temperature control and driver identification through i-Button, an RS232 interface for accessories such as fuel level sensors and RFID readers, and support for Garmin FMI 2.0 operation. The EZ1 also supports geofence reports in circular and polygonal types, odometer data reading, and user-defined reports. With FOTA firmware via FTP, the EZ1 can easily be updated with the latest firmware for improved performance and functionality. Additionally, the EZ1 has a power low/lost alarm, records up to 200,000 position logs, and offers optional features such as an internal GPS antenna version and remote configuration via Bluetooth for the LTE version.

Overall, the CAREU EZ1 LTE is a reliable and feature-rich GPS tracker that offers easy installation, global connectivity, and a range of advanced features for vehicle tracking and fleet management. Its small size, cost-effectiveness, and compatibility with various industries make it an excellent choice for businesses looking to improve their fleet management capabilities.

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