Cartrack - iTRACK PRO CAR

The iTrackPro CAR is a system based on GPS/GPRS technology developed and designed specially for motocicles tracking and location in real time.

    Main Functionalities:

  • QuadBand 850/900/1800/1900 device. GPRS Class 2.
  • Global Organization: both antennas GPS and GSM included.
  • Vibration sensor included, anti-theft device.
  • Motocicle ignition detector.
  • Engine and fuel pump block.
  • Panic button.
  • Voice tracking function .
  • Unit disconnection alert. (with back up battery).
  • Waterproof desing.
  • High sensitivity GPS antenna.
  • External connection compatible (serial port).


  • GSM QuadBand 850/900/1800/1900.
  • GSM module included GPRS/Class 12 TCP/IP.
  • GPS/Sirf Star III/LT module.
  • 20 Channels of GPS.
  • Tracking sensitivity: -159dBm.
  • Acquisition sensitivity: -144dBm.
  • Hot start: 2sec (open sky) Warm start: 15sec Cold start: 38sec (open sky).
  • GSM antenna included . High sensitivity GPS.
  • Voice tracking range: 5m.
  • Panic button.
  • Battery: 500 mAh.
  • Weight: 80g.
  • Dimensions: 98.0mm x 52.0mm x 15.0mm.
  • Input voltage range: 5-36 VDC.
  • LED Indicator / Three leds indicators: GPS (blue), GSM (green), Energía (red).
  • Operation temperature: -25º C to +70ºC.
  • Operation humidity: 5% to 95%.



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