Flextrack - Lommy Capture

The Lommy Capture GPS tracker from Flextrack is an outstanding device designed specifically for tracking trailers, caravans, and other vehicles without the need for a battery or external power supply. This innovative tracker is powered by the tail lights, brake lights, and indicators of the vehicle it is attached to, ensuring that it never runs out of power and remains trackable at all times.

One of the key advantages of the Lommy Capture is its ability to generate power from the vehicle's lights. When the tail lights, brake lights, or indicators are turned on, the device automatically stores energy, eliminating the need for a separate battery or power source. This makes it the perfect solution for theft protection and tracking of trailers, caravans, and other vehicles where a traditional battery-powered tracker may not be practical.

The Lommy Capture is incredibly small and can be discreetly placed in the tail light of a trailer, ensuring that it remains hidden in the event of theft. When the trailer is moved, the Lommy Capture will transmit its position at regular intervals, allowing you to easily track down the lost vehicle. This makes it an invaluable tool for both theft prevention and recovery.

With its patented technology and unique power storage system, the Lommy Capture offers a level of tracking capability that is unmatched in the market. Its two "power containers," known as SuperCaps, can store energy from the vehicle's lights and ensure a consistent power supply for transmitting position updates at regular intervals of 2-8 minutes. When the tail lights are activated, the device even functions as a live tracker, transmitting its position approximately every 2 minutes.

The Lommy Capture GPS tracker from Flextrack is a game-changer in the world of vehicle tracking. With its innovative power generation system, small size, and patented technology, it offers unparalleled tracking capabilities for trailers, caravans, and other vehicles. Whether you're looking to protect your valuable assets from theft or simply keep track of their whereabouts, the Lommy Capture is the ideal solution.

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