Flextrack - Lommy Capture

Outstanding GPS tracker without battery for tracking trailers, caravans and much more.

Lommy Capture is a unique, small tracking device that can generate power from tail lights, brake lights and indicators. Hence, the device needs no battery or connection to a power supply for it to work and be trackable.

This solves the issue of running out of electric power when tracking a trailer, caravan, motorbike etc. Lommy Capture will automatically store energy from tail lights, brake lights or indicators, when either of these are turned on.

The perfect solution for theft protection and tracking of trailers
Lommy Capture is so small that it can be placed in the tail light of a trailer, where it will be well hidden in case of theft. When the trailer is moved, Lommy Capture will transmit its position at regular intervals, enabling you to easily track down the position of the lost trailer.

Patented technology for tracking under all conditions
The technology behind Lommy Capture is internationally patented. Hence, no one else on the market offers the same form of GPS-tracking.

Lommy Capture has two special “power containers” called SuperCaps that can store energy from the trailer lights, when these are activated. This ensures the availability of power to transmit a position at regular intervals of 2-8 minutes. When tail lights are on, the device even works as a live tracker, transmitting its position approx. every 2nd minute.

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