Fortuna Impex - Disha 9330

The Fortuna Impex Disha 9330 is an intelligent vehicle tracking system designed to help companies in the services, delivery, and transportation industries monitor and manage their mobile assets effectively. With the ability to collect and analyze asset information, this tracking system allows for optimum utilization of resources.

The Disha 9330 provides real-time and historical tracking on the web, giving you access to accurate and up-to-date information about your vehicles' locations. Additionally, it offers real-time alerts, events, and scheduled reports through SMS and email, ensuring that you receive the necessary information at the right time.

Installation of the Disha 9330 is simple and hassle-free. Just mount it on the front dashboard of your vehicle, ensuring visibility of the sky for GPS functionality, and connect the two wires to the vehicle's battery. One standout feature of this tracking system is that the GPS and GPRS antennas are enclosed, eliminating the need for separate antenna installation and reducing the risk of mechanical damage to the antennas.

Key Features:

  • Real-time and historical tracking on the web
  • Real-time alerts, events, and scheduled reports via SMS and email
  • Simple installation with dashboard mounting
  • GPS and GPRS antennas enclosed for cost-saving and protection
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Set Up Disha 9330