Gelix - Gelix 1

The Gelix 1 is a passive monitoring GPS data logger that is designed to record navigation and event data during a vehicle's active motion or upon an external event. This versatile tracker offers two options for retrieving stored data. In the first option, the data can be automatically retrieved by the dispatcher center when the vehicle has arrived in the garage or parking area where a radio access point is installed (Bluetooth or RF module). This allows for seamless and efficient data retrieval without the need for manual intervention. Alternatively, the stored data can be retrieved via a wire, IrDA, or Bluetooth link with the Gelix 1 using a PDA. This option provides flexibility and convenience, allowing for data retrieval on the go. Additionally, the Gelix 1 can be removed from the vehicle and connected to a PC in the dispatcher room for manual data retrieval. This option is ideal for situations where a more detailed analysis of the data is required. With its advanced features and multiple data retrieval options, the Gelix 1 is a reliable and efficient GPS tracker that is suitable for a wide range of applications. Whether you need to track and monitor a fleet of vehicles or gather data for analysis and optimization purposes, the Gelix 1 is a powerful tool that can help you achieve your goals.

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