Gelix - Gelix 2

- Active tracking (data logging and tracking of vehicle position and status of sensors and alarm sensors) - Listening and voice communication - Alarm and event messaging - Output control over GSM/GPRS data channels - System management, configuration and firmware update over GSM/GPRS data channels System idenficator; NMEA GGA and RMC including date, time, latitude, longitude, the information about satellites and signal quality; unique number of record, the status of digital and analogue input signals, relay outputs, alarm zones; system run and reloading flag. Supported modes: periodical and event-based. Over speeding; Temperature exceeded; No-go zone entered; GSM status (search, local or roam); GPS malfunction, illegal position; input call or SMS message; timer. GSM SMS, CSD, GPRS Serial RS232 connectiovity or external Bluetooth, IrDA or radio adapter. Linking modes: periodic and event-based; selfrecofering link mode supported. Periodic relay output control and control upon custom-selected event.

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Set Up Gelix 2