Gelix - Gelix G Lite

The Gelix G Lite is a receptionist telematics GPS tracker that is equipped with a communication module for navigation using GLONASS/GPS and GSM/GPRS. This tracker is designed to provide accurate and reliable location information for various applications. With its navigation receiver GLONASS/GPS, it can quickly capture location data within 29 seconds after power on, ensuring a fast and efficient start-up process.

The Gelix G Lite utilizes a 12-channel mode for GPS signal reception and a 24-channel mode for GLONASS/GPS combined reception. This combination of navigation technologies allows for enhanced accuracy and reliability, ensuring that you can track your assets with precision. It is important to note that the GLONASS/GPS module used in this tracker has been thoroughly tested and approved by major domestic manufacturers of GLONASS/GPS equipment.

In addition to its navigation capabilities, the Gelix G Lite can also be connected to relays for controlling electronic locks. This feature provides added security and control over your assets. Furthermore, this tracker is compatible with fuel level sensors and vehicle CAN bus adapters, allowing for seamless integration with various vehicle monitoring systems. Whether you need to track your fleet of vehicles or monitor the location of valuable assets, the Gelix G Lite is a reliable and versatile GPS tracker that can meet your needs.

Outstanding Features:

  • GLONASS/GPS navigation for accurate and reliable location tracking
  • Fast start-up time of 29 seconds
  • 12-channel GPS signal reception and 24-channel GLONASS/GPS combined reception
  • Approved by major domestic manufacturers of GLONASS/GPS equipment
  • Ability to connect relays for controlling electronic locks
  • Compatible with fuel level sensors and vehicle CAN bus adapters
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