Gelix - Gelix G Lite

"FELIX G-LITE" Receptionist Telematics is equipped with communication module navigation GLONASS / GPS GSM / GPRS and data interfaces. * The navigation receiver GLONASS / GPS allows the capture location after the power (cold start) for 29 seconds.

Navigation GLONASS / GPS receiver uses 12 channel mode GPS-signal mode, 12 channels and 24 channels GLONASS mode GLONASS / GPS combined reception. Note that the use of GLONASS / GPS module has been tested and approved for several major domestic manufacturers of equipment GLONASS / GPS use.

The device can connect relays for controlling an electronic lock. The device is built to work with fuel level sensors and sensor OmniComm production vehicle CAN bus adapters and Russian and foreign production.

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Set Up Gelix G Lite