Gelix - Gelix Lite

The Gelix Lite is a drivers telematics device designed for integration into the GLONASS/GPS system to track moving objects. This telematics controller is equipped with advanced features that allow for the collection, recording, and transmission of data via GPRS/IP and SMS. With its flexible configuration, users have the ability to determine the format of data and assets for event registration, choose data transfer options, and support two receivers servers. Additionally, the Gelix Lite offers an operating mode command to the server and remote firmware upgrade capabilities.

One of the standout features of the Gelix Lite is its ability to integrate with external devices. This includes digital inputs counting mode with pulse sensors, allowing for precise tracking and monitoring. The device also supports the connection of sensors with a "dry contact" type, expanding its compatibility with various equipment. Furthermore, the Gelix Lite can collect data from a serial interface, making it compatible with CAN bus adapters or sensors for fuel level monitoring. With these integration options, users can customize the device to meet their specific tracking and monitoring needs.

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