Goome - EV02

The Goome EV02 electric motor positioning terminal is designed to meet the anti-theft demands in the electromobile and motorcycle market. It combines the power of the GSM network and GPS system positioning technology to provide reliable and accurate tracking capabilities. The EV02 is compact in size, making it easy to hide and install discreetly on your vehicle. With real-time tracking, trace playback, and a range of advanced features, this GPS tracker offers comprehensive security and control for your electric motor vehicles.

One of the standout features of the Goome EV02 is its GSM+GPRS+GPS connectivity, which ensures seamless communication and accurate positioning. You can track your vehicle in real-time, allowing you to monitor its location and movement at any given moment. Additionally, the EV02 allows you to define custom geo-fences, which are virtual boundaries that trigger an alert when your vehicle enters or exits a specific area. This feature is particularly useful for ensuring the safety and security of your vehicle.

The EV02 also offers trace playback, which allows you to review the historical movement of your vehicle. This can be helpful for analyzing routes, identifying patterns, and reviewing past journeys. The built-in antenna ensures strong and reliable signal reception, while the small size of the tracker makes it easy to install and conceal. With the Goome EV02 and the car-online platform developed by Goome, you can remotely control and manage your vehicle, as well as access the tracking data from your iPhone or Android device.

Key Features:

  • GSM+GPRS+GPS connectivity for reliable tracking
  • Real-time tracking for monitoring vehicle location and movement
  • User-defined geo-fence for customized security
  • Trace playback for reviewing historical vehicle movement
  • Built-in antenna for strong signal reception
  • Compact size for easy installation and concealment
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Set Up EV02


To set the tracker send the following commands by SMS messages

  1. Factory reset
  2. Set the operator APN
  3. Set the GPRS server
  4. Set the update interval every 60 seconds

to check settings GPRSSET#

to check the device status STATUS#