Huabao - HB-A1T

The HB-A1T is a 4G GPS Tracker specifically designed for trailers. It has been developed to meet the requirements of trailer management and monitoring, making it an ideal solution for remote monitoring of trailer truck management. With its IP67 waterproof rating and built-in 4G communication and GPS/BD double mode location, the HB-A1T is capable of withstanding harsh environments and providing accurate location information. One of the standout features of the HB-A1T is its built-in battery, which allows the tracker to continue functioning even when the trailer is standing alone. Additionally, the battery supports fast charging when connected to the truck, ensuring that the tracker is always powered and ready for use. This is particularly useful in scenarios where trailers or ships require a higher waterproof level and longer standby time. The HB-A1T offers a range of optional accessories, including a relay and a temperature/humidity sensor. The relay enables features such as cut fuel and power, supporting mechanical valves for added security and control. The temperature/humidity sensor, which can be connected via Bluetooth, allows for real-time monitoring of environmental conditions. With its real-time GPS tracking, geo-fencing capabilities, and a host of other features such as low battery alarm and disassembly alarm, the HB-A1T provides comprehensive monitoring and management for trailers. It also offers the option to include LoRa technology, replacing the Bluetooth module for enhanced connectivity. Overall, the HB-A1T is a reliable and versatile 4G GPS Tracker that meets the specific needs of trailer management. Its rugged design, advanced features, and optional accessories make it an excellent choice for remote monitoring and control of trailers in various industries.

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