HunterPro - CP60G

The HunterPro CP60G is a low-cost GPS tracking system designed for vehicle tracking and recovery. With its robust technology and wide range of functionalities, it is an ideal choice for insurance companies, tracking companies, and car rental companies. The CP60G is based on GSM/GPRS and GPS technology, providing accurate and fast location tracking at a minimum cost. Its wide coverage and excellent performance make it perfect for fleet tracking or recovery purposes.

The HunterPro CP60G features a full quadband GSM band, ensuring reliable communication in various regions. While it does not support voice communication, it comes with a backup battery for uninterrupted tracking. The tracker does not have internal memory but relies on GSM and GPRS for data transmission. It supports position tracking based on time and offers sleep mode functionality to conserve power. With three digital inputs and pre-defined inputs for ignition, panic, and doors, the CP60G provides flexibility in monitoring various vehicle events. The tracker is housed in a durable plastic casing and comes with GPS and GSM antennas for optimal signal reception. It also offers extra connectivity options such as fixed antennas, fuel sensors, and temperature sensors.

With its affordable price, reliable technology, and user-friendly software, the HunterPro CP60G is a versatile GPS tracker that meets the needs of track and trace, vehicle recovery, and fleet management applications. Whether you are an insurance company looking to track vehicles or a car rental company in need of a reliable tracking solution, the CP60G offers the features and performance you require.

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