Intellitrack - Intellitrac X1 Plus


  • Compact Size
  • SMS, CS Data, GPRS TCP/UDP, Voice (Optional) Communications
  • Remote Configuration
  • Real-Time Tracking (Time, Distance Interval or Intelligent Mode)
  • Unit Password Setting
  • Power Management
  • Power Low/Lost Alarm
  • Back-Up Battery Capacity for More Than 3 Days
  • Geo-Fencing Control
  • Journey Report Wireless Download
  • GSM/GPRS Simultaneously
  • Mileage Report
  • Tow Alarm
  • User-Defined Report Alarm
  • Remote Firmware Upgrade (via CS Data/ GPRS)
  • GPS Antenna Disconnect/Cut Alarm
  • Support Barcode Reader (External Power Needed)
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Set Up Intellitrac X1 Plus