Intellitrack - Intellitrac X8

The Systech IntelliTrac X8 GPS Tracker is a powerful and comprehensive device that has gained a great reputation worldwide for its exceptional performance. It combines GPS technology and GSM/GPRS modules with other wireless communication technology to provide real-time tracking, polling, security, and fleet management capabilities. Whether you need to track and trace vehicles, recover stolen vehicles, or manage a fleet of vehicles, the IntelliTrac X8 is the ideal solution.

With its full quadband GSM band, the IntelliTrac X8 ensures reliable and uninterrupted communication. It also features voice capabilities, allowing for two-way communication when needed. The device is equipped with a backup battery and internal memory, ensuring that data is not lost in case of power failure or network connectivity issues.

The IntelliTrac X8 offers multiple communication methods, including GSM, GPRS, TCP, and UDP, providing flexibility and compatibility with various systems and platforms. It supports position tracking based on time, distance, and angle change, allowing for accurate and customizable tracking options. The device also features sleep mode, which helps conserve power when the vehicle is not in use.

With its multiple digital inputs, including pre-defined inputs such as ignition, panic, and doors, the IntelliTrac X8 offers enhanced security and monitoring capabilities. It also has two analogue inputs for additional sensor integration. The device is housed in a metallic casing, ensuring durability and protection against harsh environmental conditions.

Additional connectivity options include fixed antennas, microphone/speaker, and a serial port, allowing for further customization and integration with other devices and systems. The IntelliTrac X8 is proudly made in Taiwan, known for its high-quality manufacturing standards.

Outstanding Features:

  • Powerful and comprehensive GPS tracker
  • Combines GPS technology and GSM/GPRS modules
  • Real-time tracking, polling, security, and fleet management
  • Full quadband GSM band for reliable communication
  • Voice capabilities for two-way communication
  • Backup battery and internal memory for data protection
  • Multiple communication methods: GSM, GPRS, TCP, UDP
  • Position tracking based on time, distance, and angle change
  • Sleep mode for power conservation
  • Multiple digital and analogue inputs for enhanced security and monitoring
  • Metallic casing for durability and protection
  • Additional connectivity options for customization and integration
  • Made in Taiwan with high-quality manufacturing standards
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