KHD - KG100

The KHD KG100 is a professional GPS tracker specifically designed for vehicle and motor tracking. It utilizes a combination of GSM wireless communication technology and GPS (or GLONASS) system, ensuring superior receive sensitivity for accurate and reliable tracking. With its advanced features, the KG100 allows users to easily communicate with the backend server through the GPRS/GSM network or SMS. One of the standout features of the KG100 is its compatibility with various tracking platforms. Users can effortlessly set up their custom tracking platforms to communicate with the KG100 using a PC or a smartphone with Android or iOS system. This flexibility allows for seamless integration with existing systems and provides users with a convenient and user-friendly tracking experience. In addition to its excellent communication capabilities, the KG100 also offers a range of other features that make it an ideal choice for vehicle and motor tracking. These include real-time tracking, historical route playback, geo-fencing, and remote control. With real-time tracking, users can monitor the location of their vehicles or motors in real-time, ensuring enhanced security and peace of mind. The historical route playback feature allows users to review the past movements of their vehicles, providing valuable insights and data for analysis. The geo-fencing feature enables users to set up virtual boundaries and receive alerts when their vehicles or motors enter or exit these predefined areas. Lastly, the remote control feature allows users to remotely control certain functions of their vehicles or motors, such as engine immobilization or door locking, providing an added layer of security and control. With its professional design, advanced features, and compatibility with various tracking platforms, the KHD KG100 is an excellent choice for anyone in need of a reliable and efficient GPS tracker for vehicle and motor tracking.

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