NP3 - ST 210

The NP3 ST 210 is an onboard GPS tracker designed to provide full control over all parameters of a vehicle. With a high degree of reliability and individual quality control for each manufactured GPS tracker, the NP3 ST 210 ensures accurate and dependable tracking. It utilizes reliable and time-tested components and undergoes comprehensive testing in various climatic conditions, making it suitable for use on all types of transport.

The NP3 ST 210 is equipped with onboard equipment Galileo Lite, a lightweight version of the basic Galileo GPS device. Its special purpose is to track the movement and character of the vehicle, as well as detect drains and refills using analog sensors. The terminal transmits various information, including the coordinates of the vehicle (latitude, longitude, altitude), speed and direction, violations such as speeding, vibration level, fuel consumption, current time and date, temperature inside the unit, status of inputs and analog sensors, and discrete output.

The NP3 ST 210 offers a range of capabilities, including online monitoring with continuous bond to the server, "Stealth-Mode" for scheduled communication, and offline monitoring by uploading saved files via USB. It also has the ability to connect two cameras for event recording, voice GSM-sided communication between the driver and manager, an "Answering machine" feature for automatic stop routing, alarms and remote motor control, CAN-interface and built-in scanner for CAN-bus, customizable protocol data for traffic optimization, remote software updates via GSM-net, easy setup with the RSR dstvom Configurator, perfect portrayal of a moving track even with a low-level satellite signal, built-in non-volatile memory for storing up to 14,000 points, and the ability to determine impact and tilt of the vehicle. With its comprehensive features and reliable performance, the NP3 ST 210 is an excellent choice for vehicle tracking and control.

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