Navis - CH -5703

The Navis CH-5703 is a versatile navigation equipment designed for consumer use in river and sea vessels. It is equipped with GLONASS/GPS/GALILEO integrated receiver differential corrections, as well as functions for managing external systems and communication systems for monitoring, information, and navigation support. This makes it an essential tool for ship subscribers and a key component of a monitoring traffic set. The CH-5703 can be used as part of an equipment control center (DC) or as a response device to match with a DC supervisor. It is specifically designed for use on river and sea vessels, serving as a NAP GNSS receiver DGPS marine differential subsystem and the main instrument for monitoring traffic. It can be seamlessly integrated with ECDIS, ship sensors, sensor controllers, and the ship's local area network. With the CH-5703, you can easily identify navigation parameters of the vessel, such as current coordinates in the selected coordinate system, current date and time, speed over ground, and track angle. It also offers the capability to generate and transmit short text and code messages to the control center, allowing for efficient communication. Additionally, it supports data updating for maps and offers configurable priority and modes of use for communication systems. The CH-5703 also enables communication with ECDIS for the display and formation of service messages in the monitoring system. It can seamlessly communicate with AIS when used with ECDIS. Furthermore, it is compatible with control systems from various manufacturers, provided a data interface is available. Lastly, it offers a modification to the function of the satellite compass, enhancing its versatility and functionality.

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Set Up CH -5703