Navtelekom - SIGNAL S-2653

The Navtelekom SIGNAL S-2653 is an advanced 2G GPS tracker that offers a wide range of features to meet your tracking needs. With its Bluetooth capability, you can easily connect and communicate with other devices. The tracker also comes with a back-up battery, ensuring that it continues to function even when the main power source is unavailable. One of the standout features of the SIGNAL S-2653 is its multiple interfaces, including 1-wire, RS-232, RS-485, and 2xCAN. These interfaces allow for seamless integration with various systems and devices, making it a versatile choice for different applications. Additionally, the tracker supports external GNSS and GSM antennas, ensuring reliable and accurate positioning and communication. The SIGNAL S-2653 is equipped with a 2G modem and supports dual SIM cards, providing reliable and stable connectivity. It also has SD-card support, allowing for expanded storage capacity of up to 32GB. With overvoltage protection and inputs overvoltage protection up to 200V, you can rest assured that your tracker is well-protected against power surges. This GPS tracker offers six universal inputs that can be configured for discrete, analog, frequency, pulse meter, or tachometer inputs. It also features four control outputs, providing flexibility in controlling external devices or systems. The tracker supports the MODBUS protocol, making it compatible with a wide range of industrial applications. With its microphone and speaker connection, the SIGNAL S-2653 enables two-way communication with the driver, enhancing safety and efficiency. The tracker also supports Bluetooth 4.0, allowing for wireless connectivity with compatible devices. In summary, the Navtelekom SIGNAL S-2653 is a feature-packed GPS tracker that offers advanced functionality and versatility. Whether you need it for fleet management, asset tracking, or other applications, this tracker is designed to meet your needs with its extensive range of interfaces and capabilities.

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