Navtelekom - SMART S-2421 EASY+

The Navtelekom SMART S-2421 EASY+ is a 2G GPS tracker that offers a range of advanced features to help you keep track of your assets. With its compact design and internal GNSS and GSM antennas, this tracker is easy to install and conceal. Whether you need to monitor your vehicles, equipment, or even loved ones, the SMART S-2421 EASY+ is a reliable and versatile solution.

One of the standout features of this tracker is its built-in Bluetooth 4.0 technology. This allows you to connect the tracker to compatible devices, such as smartphones or tablets, for easy configuration and data transfer. Additionally, the SMART S-2421 EASY+ comes with a back-up battery with a capacity of at least 110 mA/h, ensuring that you can still track your assets even if the main power source is disconnected.

With its 2G modem and 1 SIM card slot, the SMART S-2421 EASY+ provides reliable and efficient communication. It also offers three universal inputs and two control outputs, allowing you to connect and control various external devices. The tracker is equipped with a 1-Wire interface, which enables you to connect compatible sensors for temperature monitoring or other applications.

Furthermore, the SMART S-2421 EASY+ features an accelerometer, which enables the Eco Driving function. This function provides valuable insights into driving behavior, allowing you to promote safer and more fuel-efficient driving habits. Whether you're a fleet manager looking to optimize your operations or a concerned parent wanting to monitor your teenager's driving, this feature can be a valuable tool.

In summary, the Navtelekom SMART S-2421 EASY+ is a feature-packed 2G GPS tracker that offers reliable tracking and monitoring capabilities. With its Bluetooth connectivity, back-up battery, and versatile inputs and outputs, this tracker is suitable for a wide range of applications. Whether you need to track vehicles, equipment, or even people, the SMART S-2421 EASY+ is a reliable and user-friendly solution.

Outstanding Features:

  • 2G GPS tracker with Bluetooth
  • Internal GNSS and GSM antennas
  • Back-up battery with at least 110 mA/h capacity
  • Overvoltage protection and inputs overvoltage protection up to 200V
  • 2G modem with 1 SIM card slot
  • 3 universal inputs and 2 control outputs
  • 1-Wire interface for sensor connectivity
  • Accelerometer for Eco Driving function
  • Bluetooth 4.0 for easy configuration and data transfer
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