Navtelekom - Signal S-2115

The S-2115  - GSM-monitoring system of transport search and security functions and remote control functions on the basis of satellite communication technologies of GPS / GLONASS. The signal-2115 is equipped with a USB interface for connection to a PC and further customization. The equipment has a built-in accelerometer that allows you to record punches, bending and moving the vehicle. In the event of device alarms to alert the user via SMS or voice messages. System management can be performed remotely using the voice menu and tone dialing and SMS-command.

Features and functions:

  • GLONASS / GPS-receiver receives data from satellites, in the treatment of which can monitor the location, movement and speed of the car in-time, near real;
  • informing about unauthorized access to a car;
  • built-in accelerometer allows you to define a mechanical impact on the vehicle (kick loaded on tow truck jacking);
  • Emergency information for predetermined subscribers about the robbery to the driver or passengers and other emergency situations by pressing the alarm button;
  • remote control of external devices connected to the output lines Signal-2115 (motor lock, siren);
  • the ability to connect a backup power supply.
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Set Up Signal S-2115