Navtelekom - Signal S-2117

The Navtelekom Signal S-2117 is a car device that utilizes GSM and GLONASS/GPS technology for vehicle monitoring, alarm event notifications, and remote control of connected devices. With its RS-485 interface, the S-2117 can connect up to three digital fuel gauges, allowing for precise monitoring of fuel consumption. Additionally, this device supports the connection of digital temperature sensors and identification systems through its 1-Wire interface. One of the standout features of the Signal S-2117 is its ability to establish a speakerphone connection between the control center and the driver at any time, or in case of an emergency by pressing the panic button. This feature ensures effective communication and quick response in critical situations. The Signal S-2117 offers comprehensive vehicle monitoring capabilities, including location tracking, movement monitoring, and runtime analysis based on data received from GLONASS satellites. It also provides alerts for unauthorized access to the vehicle and mechanical impacts, as well as emergency notifications for incidents such as robberies or other emergency situations. Furthermore, the S-2117 allows for remote control of connected devices and vehicle systems, such as sirens, engine immobilizer systems, and doors. This enables users to take immediate action and enhance the security of their vehicles. With its ability to connect a backup power supply, the Signal S-2117 ensures uninterrupted operation even in the event of a power failure. This feature provides peace of mind and reliability for continuous vehicle monitoring and control.

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