Navtelekom - Signal S-2117

The S-2117  - car device based on the GSM standard with GLONASS / GPS-receiver for monitoring the condition of the vehicle, warning of alarm events, and remote control of connected devices. The presence of RS-485 interface allows you to connect up to three digital fuel gauge. Signal 2117 suggests the possibility of connecting digital temperature sensors and identification systems Interface 1-Wire. The device allows you to set the speakerphone between the control center and the driver at any time, or when you press the panic button.

Features and functions:

  • monitoring of the vehicle;
  • control location, movement and run by the data received from GLONASS satellites;
  • control the level of fuel consumption by connecting a fuel sensor via RS-485;
  • identification of drivers using keys Touch Memory and Proximity-card;
  • emergency awareness about unauthorized access to a car and a mechanical impact on him;
  • emergency information about the robbery to the driver or passengers and other emergency situations;
  • remote control of connected devices and vehicle systems, such as a siren, engine immobilizer system, doors, etc .;
  • the ability to connect a backup power supply.
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Set Up Signal S-2117