OKB Tehnoavtomatika - MPU-01

The Tracking System MPU-01, developed by OKB Tehnoavtomatika, is a comprehensive GPS tracker designed to provide accurate and reliable tracking capabilities. With its advanced features and compact design, this tracker is suitable for a wide range of applications.

The MPU-01 utilizes a 50-channel high-sensitivity GPS receiver to accurately determine the device's coordinates. It also features a channel tie with DC-GSM 900/1800, allowing it to receive and transmit SMS messages from the subscriber. With a power consumption of less than 250 mA, this tracker is energy-efficient and can operate for extended periods without draining the battery.

The dimensions of the MPU-01 are 90 × 50 × 16 mm or 90 × 50 × 25 mm, depending on the battery pack. It weighs less than 200 grams, making it lightweight and easy to carry. The device offers various configuration options, including 1 digital input and 1 output, 1 analog input, or 2 digital inputs and 1 analog input, depending on the specific requirements of the task.

Key Features:

  • 50-channel high-sensitivity GPS receiver for accurate tracking
  • Channel tie with DC-GSM 900/1800 for SMS communication
  • Low power consumption of less than 250 mA
  • Compact dimensions of 90 × 50 × 16 mm or 90 × 50 × 25 mm
  • Lightweight design weighing less than 200 grams
  • Multiple configuration options for versatile use
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Set Up MPU-01