OKB Tehnoavtomatika - MTA-02 GLONASS


Device: GLONASS GPS, conducting satellite tracking of the object Channel tie with DC - GSM 900/1800 - sending / receiving data to DC, using data transmission; - sending / receiving data on the DC using GPRS; - sending / receiving data on DC using SMS; - receiving from the subscriber's SMS-messages; - handover of SMS-messages.Determination of coordinates: 50-channel high sensitivity GLONASS / GPS receiver MNP-M7. voltage supply DC from 9V to 50V and built-in rechargeable battery. Current consumption in active mode - no more than 180mA at a voltage of 12V. The current consumption in standby mode - no more than 65mA, the supply voltage of 12V. The current consumption in sleep mode - no more than 20 mA, the supply voltage of 12V. Built-in rechargeable battery with up to 600 mA / h. The average time of standby for at least 6 hours. Time of technical readiness of the device to work - no more than 3 minutes. Enclosure IP30. Overall dimensions of the device is not more than 110 × 80 × 32 mm. Weight device 300g.

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