OKB Tehnoavtomatika - MTA-02 GLONASS

The OKB Tehnoavtomatika MTA-02 GLONASS is a versatile GPS tracker designed for conducting satellite tracking of objects. It features a 50-channel high sensitivity GLONASS/GPS receiver MNP-M7 for accurate and reliable positioning. With a voltage supply range of 9V to 50V and a built-in rechargeable battery, this tracker can be easily powered and provides flexibility in various applications.

The MTA-02 GLONASS supports multiple communication channels for sending and receiving data. It can transmit and receive data via GSM 900/1800, GPRS, and SMS. It also has the capability to receive SMS messages from subscribers. The device has a standby time of at least 6 hours and a quick technical readiness time of no more than 3 minutes, ensuring efficient operation and minimal downtime.

With an IP30 enclosure and compact dimensions of 110 × 80 × 32 mm, the MTA-02 GLONASS is designed to withstand harsh environments and can be easily installed in various settings. It weighs only 300g, making it lightweight and portable. Whether you need to track vehicles, assets, or personnel, the OKB Tehnoavtomatika MTA-02 GLONASS is a reliable and efficient choice.

Key Features:

  • GLONASS/GPS satellite tracking
  • 50-channel high sensitivity receiver
  • Voltage supply range of 9V to 50V
  • Built-in rechargeable battery
  • Supports GSM 900/1800, GPRS, and SMS communication
  • Quick technical readiness time of no more than 3 minutes
  • IP30 enclosure for durability
  • Compact dimensions of 110 × 80 × 32 mm
  • Lightweight design weighing only 300g
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