Oigo Telematics - AR-2CX

The Oigo Telematics AR-2CX is part of the AR Series, a line of GPS trackers designed to seamlessly integrate into fleet management and stolen vehicle recovery systems. With its advanced features and discreet design, the AR-2CX is the perfect solution for businesses looking to enhance their vehicle tracking capabilities.

One of the standout features of the AR-2CX is its ability to support a diverse set of event reports and alerts. This means that you can customize the tracker to send notifications for specific events, such as speeding, harsh braking, or unauthorized vehicle use. This level of customization allows you to stay informed about the status and behavior of your vehicles, ensuring that they are being used responsibly and efficiently.

Additionally, the AR-2CX is designed for discreet vehicle installations. Its compact size and sleek design make it easy to hide within the vehicle, minimizing the risk of tampering or theft. This is especially important for stolen vehicle recovery systems, as it allows the tracker to remain hidden from potential thieves.

Overall, the Oigo Telematics AR-2CX is a reliable and versatile GPS tracker that offers seamless integration, advanced event reporting, and discreet vehicle installations. Whether you're managing a fleet of vehicles or implementing a stolen vehicle recovery system, the AR-2CX is a top choice for enhancing your tracking capabilities.

Outstanding Features:

  • Seamless integration into fleet management and stolen vehicle recovery systems
  • Supports a diverse set of event reports and alerts
  • Designed for discreet vehicle installations
  • Compact size and sleek design
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