Riti - SLS-012SF

GPS vehicle tracker SLS-012SF is designed for all types of vehicles in fleet management, location services, remote monitoring and applications for industrial control. Via high sensitivity GPS module and mobile communication module (GSM/SMS/GPRS), SLS-012SF can flexibly integrate various front-end external devices flexibly such as PND, i-Button, bar code scanner, RFID equipments, tire pressure sensors and temperature sensors. SLS-012SF is definitely the BEST choice for back-end platform with data collection, two way transmission, analysis and management for human beings and vehicles.

GPS vehicle tracker SLS-012SF sends real-time data to the backend server for instant storage and processing, allows users to on-line search through the Internet or directly download to client-end computers for the most appropriate fleet monitoring and management services. Since SLS-012SF series were introduced and have been live operating on the largest fleet management platform (www.elocation.com.tw) in Taiwan for years, up to now, its reliability, system-end software tools and many outstanding functional features are proven to contribute significant advantages for customers.

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Set Up SLS-012SF