SkyPatrol - TT 9500

The SkyPatrol TT9500 is a compact and versatile GPS tracker designed for volume tracking applications worldwide. Its all-in-one design makes it easy to install and use, while its rugged construction ensures durability even in harsh environments. With SkyPatrol's new EDDIE+ Custom Protocol, the TT9500 supports up to 250 device-based geofences, providing precise location tracking and monitoring capabilities.

One of the standout features of the TT9500 is its internal relay, which allows for remote control of connected devices or systems. This feature is particularly useful in applications such as fleet management, asset tracking, and security, where the ability to remotely activate or deactivate equipment is essential. Additionally, the TT9500 boasts low power consumption, ensuring long battery life and reducing the need for frequent recharging or replacement.

Equipped with a quad-band modem, the TT9500 is compatible with GSM networks in any country, making it a versatile solution for global tracking needs. Its durable and splash-proof housing further enhances its suitability for outdoor and industrial applications. The TT9500 also features an ultra-sensitive GPS receiver with a sensitivity of -162dBI, ensuring accurate and reliable positioning even in challenging environments.

With its advanced geofencing capabilities, the TT9500 allows for the creation of circular geofences (up to 250 fences), polygonal geofences (up to 25 points with 9 vertices), and route geofencing (up to 25 points). This enables users to define specific areas or routes and receive notifications when the tracker enters or exits these zones. The TT9500 also offers messaging control through sequential identification as part of each event, allowing for efficient communication and tracking.

In addition to its geofencing capabilities, the TT9500 provides 7 different types of counters, allowing for the tracking and monitoring of various events or activities. This feature is particularly useful in applications such as vehicle tracking, where users may want to keep track of mileage, engine hours, or other metrics.

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