TK-Star - Pet Tracker

Introducing the TK-Star Pet Tracker, a brand new and exclusive GPS tracker designed specifically for your furry friends. This multi-functional tracker combines the latest technology with a lightweight and ultra-portable design, providing the ultimate safety and security for your beloved pets. Whether you have a cat, dog, or even a horse, this tracker will give you the peace of mind to let them roam free and explore, while you can easily keep track of their every move.

One of the standout features of the TK-Star Pet Tracker is its powerful location monitoring capabilities. With a SIM card included, you can easily communicate with the device via text message to receive an immediate location return and a Google Maps link accurate up to 5 meters worldwide. Alternatively, you can use the free smartphone app to pinpoint the tracker's location and track its moving route with location reports sent between 3-30 seconds. The live-tracking feature is optimized for over 24 hours of battery life, ensuring that you can keep an eye on your pet for extended periods of time.

For added security, the TK-Star Pet Tracker allows you to set a GeoFence boundary. By setting parameters in the Google Maps feature of the corresponding app, you can receive a prompt text with the GPS location whenever the tracker leaves your pre-determined 'safe zone'. This feature is perfect for ensuring that your pet stays within a certain area and gives you peace of mind knowing that you will be alerted if they wander off.

The TK-Star Pet Tracker is lightweight and easily attaches to your pet's collar, making it ideal for walks or if your cat decides to go on an adventure. Unlike other pet trackers on the market, this best-selling tracker offers a live feed and does not require you to plug it into a computer to review your pet's activities. With the TK-Star Pet Tracker, you can always stay connected to your furry friend and ensure their safety and well-being.

Key Features:

  • SIM card for easy and effective communication
  • Immediate location return and Google Maps link accurate up to 5m worldwide
  • Free smartphone app for pinpointing the tracker's location and tracking its moving route
  • Location reports sent between 3-30 seconds for live-tracking
  • Over 24 hours of battery life
  • GeoFence boundary feature for added security
  • Lightweight and easily attachable to your pet's collar
  • Live feed without the need for a computer
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Set Up Pet Tracker


To set the tracker send the following commands by SMS messages, the sample setup the device password is pSPXIv, this password is the default

  1. Restore factory settings
  2. Set the operator APN
    apnpSPXIv {{apn}}
  3. Set the APN username
    apnuserpSPXIv {{apnu}}
  4. Set the APN password
    apnpasswdpSPXIv {{apnp}}
  5. Set the GPRS server
    adminippSPXIv 8888
  6. Set the update interval to 60 seconds
    uploadpSPXIv 60
  7. Switch to GPRS mode