Change Log - 05/27/2019


  • Now the map is updated in real time.
  • Added support for a second fuel sensor.
  • Added second fuel alerts
  • Added second fuel statistics
  • Now the analog sensors of the devices can be mapped to fuel or temperature using a formula defined by the user in the configuration of the device.
  • Added the mobile phone number to the users in order to recover the user in case of loss.
  • Now SMS alerts are limited to 160 characters.
  • Added GetAlerts API operation to get device alerts.
  • Now Plaspy automatically detects devices Id with 14 characters and fix the verification digit.
  • Added the option to remember the username of Plaspy by the device identifier or the telephone number of the account
  • Now the map has the option to silence the critical alerts without omitting them.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed Teltonika protocol TCP
  • Fixed the millisecond calculation in the Meiligao protocol